This blog is dedicated to the incredibly strong, and beautiful Demi Lovato. Candids, event pictures and other photos of her, by herself, or with others, are just some of the things that will be posted here. We strive to keep this blog reputable, with the utmost respect for Demi, so with that in mind, feel free to submit and send messages. Thanks, and enjoy!

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aikastaystrong asked: “LOVATIC?♥*-*”

Of course! (:

Anonymous asked: “I just wish I had as much courage as Demi did. I just want to rid of all of my scars.”

Even if it doesn’t feel like you have the strength to push yourself and stop harming yourself or break unhealthy habits, you are. You are more than your “disorder” and if you work hard, you can beat it. Look at Demi as someone who showed you it’s possible. Just keep working at it and try to find a support system whether it be friends, family, a team you’re on or even a guidance counselor (if you’re in school) and don’t be afraid to get help, and tell them what’s going on. You’re welcome to talk to me too, anytime. Stay Strong .x